A New Transmission Network for a New World

Arche Energy has launched the New England Link Project, a generation customer centric transmission connection serving renewable energy projects in Northern New England and Queensland’s Granite Belt regions.

Historically, our transmission networks serving regional centres have been designed to service loads. Over the past few years, we have asked our regional networks to transfer as much solar and wind generated energy as they can, which has effectively saturated the network in some of our highest renewable energy resource regions.

This has led to negative outcomes such as low marginal loss factors, low system strength and congestion; all of which negatively impact generator revenue. These are significant, and technically complex risks faced by generation investors.

A new network that is fit to serve our generation customers is needed if we are to make best use of our highest renewable energy resource zones.

I intend that New England Link is a generation customer centric project. Between our customer’s projects and the regulated network boundary, we will offer firm transfer capacity, we will provide system strength, we will offer predicable loss factors. We will connect to a strong point in Queensland’s regulated network’s 330 kV system.

New England Link will start north of Glen Innes and meander through the wind and sun rich regions north from project to project to the Queensland border and then through the Granite Belt to a strong connection point on Queensland’s regulated network’s 330 kV system. The network will serve projects in the region loosely bounded by Glen Innes, Inverell, Texas and Warwick; a region that also has favourable topography for pumped storage hydro.

New England Link will effectively extend the New England Renewable Energy Zone north into Queensland and provide market access to projects that fall outside of the Zone.

Expressions of interest for generation customers interested in connecting with New England Link are currently open.