Shaikat Debnath

Senior Consultant

Shaikat is an expert in battery design, solar cell design and integration, and energy market analysis. Studying a PhD in energy storage, he has a background in electrical engineering, materials chemistry, and commercial applications of technology.

Shaikat is an electrical engineer with 10 years of experience in energy storage, solar system design and integration, gas turbine and engine power stations, energy saving smart buildings, and energy market analysis.

His strength is the diversity of his experience and ability to complete projects from their inception. For example, in the last 10 years he worked on seven projects in three countries, started four design projects from scratch, and successfully finished all projects. He is strongly committed to health and safety in the workplace, having worked in power stations and grid substations for five years.

Shaikat has a multidisciplinary background of engineering and science, with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in electrical and electronic engineering and Master of Engineering Science in electrical engineering and materials science. He is currently in the final stage of his PhD in Engineering at the University of Queensland. In 2019, he was awarded the prestigious UQ Global Change Scholarship, which is awarded to the top 30 graduate researchers from all faculties in an academic year at the university.

Shaikat is currently involved in a methane pyrolysis project, where he is characterising the graphite product and is assessing its suitability for use in battery manufacture.