Principal Consultant - Electrical Infrastructure

Arche Energy is currently seeking a Principal Consultant to boost our team, particularly with respect to electrical infrastructure (transmission, mine connections, generator connections). The Principal is likely to be heavily involved in the New England Link project.

The Principal Consultant must be senior and be capable of leading study teams and supporting Arche Energy's business development. The Principal Consultant must be able to solve commercial and technical problems to support Arche Energy's "Physics to Dividend" customer solutions philosophy.

The Principal Consultant must be an RPEQ and hold commercial qualifications (such as an MBA or commerce degree).

Arche Energy does not have an office and so all employees are expected to work from home. We meet regularly in Brisbane's inner western suburbs or CBD.

The Principal Consultant will share in the value that they create through a revenue sharing model.

You must have the lawful right to work in Australia to apply for this position.

Please apply through LinkedIn

Punch above your weight

The energy sector needs leaders and doers, people who are willing to cut through the BS to drive change. We need people who are willing to punch above their weight and do whatever needs to be done.

Building a team

Arche Energy is building a team of clever people who can analyse, assess, advise and lead energy transformation. Engineers, MBAs, economists, commercial advisors, analysts (technical and commercial), finance specialists, project managers and construction managers have a potential role to play.

Arche Energy is open to expressions of interest from senior energy professionals wishing to join  the team.

Principal Consultants are expected to help grow the business and participate in marketing and BD activities. Principal Consultants may join Arche Energy's revenue sharing arrangement.

You must have the legal right to work in Australia to express interest in a potential role with Arche Energy.

We are inflexible about flexibility

At Arche Energy, we believe that the organisation should work for its employees. Our flexible work model allows our employees to (largely) choose when and where they work.

Provided customer outcomes are satisfied and we work effectively as a team, we are able to choose our own work hours and our own work location.

BYOIT, work from home, flexible hours. Work in the way that is most flexible for you.