Arche Energy has identified a number of potential energy projects on the NEM suitable for development. These projects include:

  1. Large scale battery storage projects,
  2. Gas turbine peaking projects,
  3. Combined cycle gas turbine projects,
  4. Transmission network interconnection projects,
  5. Waste to energy projects,
  6. Hydrogen generation and storage projects,
  7. Offshore wind projects.

Arche Energy is open to expressions of interest to
co-develop these projects.


Under Arche Energy's co-development model, Arche Energy manages the development of the project (land, approvals, contracting, offtake, fuel supply) at heavily discounted rates.

When the project reaches its construction phase Arche Energy is then remunerated through sweat equity, a success fee or an ongoing royalty.

Current Opportunities

New England Link is a unique transmission project that will facilitate the development of substantial wind and solar resources in Northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland. For more details, click here.