New England Link is an Arche Energy Project that intends to provide firm transmission connection solutions for renewable energy projects in Northern New South Wales and Southern Queensland.

The project will provide market access to new renewable energy projects in the wind and solar rich regions of northern New England, the Granite Belt and the South Eastern Darling Downs, opening up renewable resources that would otherwise not be served by the existing transmission system.

New England Link will be a generation customer-centric project that will provide firm market access and a predictable loss factor between each customers’ project and a strong point in the Queensland NEM Zone. The project will include sufficient transfer capacity (including system strength) to ensure that New England Link’s customers are not curtailed (within the New England Link System). New England Link intends to de-risk the generation customers’ exposure to curtailment, loss factors and network congestion.

New England Link will also be a Market Interconnector and is intended to allow customers to dispatch power to either the Queensland or New South Wales NEM zones.