Energy and Infrastructure investors

Arche Energy provides advice to investors seeking to enter, or expand their investments in Australian power, clean energy and infrastructure.

Arche can provide strategic advice, assess target projects and manage due diligence teams for potential acquisitions.

Arche can provide independent engineering services (lender's engineering) to represent investors' interests during construction.

Arche can provide development services to investors interested in developing energy and infrastructure projects.

Renewable Energy Industry

Arche energy can provide site selection services, development services, transaction support and project management to the renewable energy industry.

Arche Energy's Andrew Murdoch, in a former role, led a team that undertook assessments of the entire NEM to identify sites for solar projects. This work resulted in the development of the Rugby Run Solar Farm and the Whyalla Solar Farm. Andrew also led bid teams for the potential acquisitions of major wind farms and solar projects.

Power Generation Industry

Arche Energy's Andrew Murdoch has spent the bulk of his career in the power industry and is able to provide services in relation to all power generation technologies having had significant gas turbine, combined cycle gas turbine and thermal experience.

Mining Industry

Arche Energy's Andrew Murdoch has undertaken a number of large and isolated mine site power supply studies including Carmichael, Wandoan and Tampakan. Andrew has also undertaken improvement and re-powering  studies at brown field sites, such as Cannington Mine.

The rise of solar and battery technologies provides the opportunity to provide remote mine sites with power at significantly lower costs than diesel and with a significant impact on triple bottom line drivers, such as carbon emissions.

Arche is also able to provide services related to mine infrastructure such as water supply and gas supply.

Heavy Industry and Large Energy Consumers

Heavy industry and large energy consumers have the opportunity to improve cost of operation through use of 'behind the meter' generation technologies such as solar, batteries, micro turbines and fuel cells. Arche is able to advise large energy consumers on the right mix of technologies for their business. Arche can also facilitate the negotiation of corporate PPAs and assist organisations with an objective of carbon neutrality achieve this goal.


Arche Energy's Andrew Murdoch was the Project Manager for the expansion of Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal (WEXP1 and WEXP2). Andrew led the feasibility study and Coordinator General's Change Report EIS process for the expansion. Andrew also managed offshore geotechnical and major dredging work. Through this experience, Arche is able to offer services to port owners and developers such as feasibility study management, approvals management, management of channel simulations and validation of channel design along with project management and system optimisation.