Galilee Basin Carbon Storage Concept Study

Arche Energy is currently engaged to provide a concept study for the geological sequestration of carbon dioxide in Queensland's Galilee Basin. The study involves the identification of the most suitable sandstone formation for CSS, estimation of carbon dioxide injection rates, concept field and well design, capex and opex estimations and identification of risks and issues (including monitoring regimes).

The study allows the workability and cost of large scale CCS within the Galilee Basin to be established as a feed into blue hydrogen and clean power studies.


Arche Energy undertook a review of a novel hydro-gasification technology on behalf of a potential investor (prior to pilot plant stage). The scope of work included a review of the workability of the technology and an assessment of its suitability for future commercial development.

The study included the identification of the highest and best use of a range of hydrogen, hydrocarbon and carbon products that could be manufactured from the feedstock. The study concluded that the technology can be used to provide a high purity hydrogen stream and a high purity solid residual carbon stream (that is hydrogen from coal with most of the carbon leaving the process as solid carbon suitable).

The study included identification of risks and issues associated with the commercial deployment of the technology and the execution of the pilot plant study.

Carbon Pathways Strategy

Arche Energy was engaged to develop the Carbon Pathways Strategy for a major Queensland based coal exporter to help them develop a strategy to transition from the traditional export of thermal coal to the production of clean power and the export of clean fuels (hydrogen and ammonia) from coal using CCUS.

The strategy involves the integration of renewables and CCUS technologies to provide a stable, base load power supply from a combination of clean coal and solar. The strategy also transitions the export of energy as coal to the export of energy as clean, carbon free hydrogen or ammonia.


Arche Energy developed a concept for the production and export of blue hydrogen and ammonia from a major Queensland coal project.

The scope of work included process sizing, performance estimates, capital and operating cost estimates and a trade off of export as hydrogen against export as ammonia.

The scope also included calculation of carbon sequestration requirements and identification of potential sequestration sites and an estimate of the cost of hydrogen and ammonia production.

Surat Basin Enhanced Oil Recovery study

Arche Energy performed a concept study to capture, transport and distribute carbon dioxide from Surat Basin based power plants in order to undertake enhanced oil recovery in the depleted oil fields in Southern Queensland.

The study was undertaken as an internal concept study, which Arche Energy may later take through the development phase.

C2X Concepts

Arche Energy developed and assessed a number of C2X (coal to other products) options for a major Queensland based coal developer.  The study identified a range of products from coal in its most basic form through power, hydrogen, ammonia, diesel, urea and methanol.

For each option the study estimated the product's value per tonne of coal mined and its net carbon intensity (with, and without CCUS). The study identified an option for integrated power, sequestration and methanation that was able to recycle carbon dioxide generated by a power station for reuse as pipeline quality methane.