Hydrogen Markets and Logistics Study

Arche Energy was engaged to undertake a markets and logistics study for a remote, outback hydrogen production facility. Arche Energy was able to identify the highest and best use for the hydrogen in a set of circumstances that was unique to this particular project. The study also identified the minimum viable capital spend required to access a realistic market for the hydrogen.

The study involved identifying potential users of hydrogen, the cost and efficiency of transporting the hydrogen to each customer and valuing the hydrogen in its various forms (as a gas, liquid, ammonia or as a fertiliser).

Hydrogen Virtual Pipeline Assessment

Arche Energy developed a concept for a virtual pipeline of hydrogen tankers distributing hydrogen to a fleet of embedded generators from a central hydrogen electrolysis plant.

The study included concept level plant sizing, capital and operating cost estimates and a logistics plan for the operation of the tankers.

The logistics plan had to operate within the constraints of electrolysis availability (driven by the specific solar resource), compression timeframes, road distances and the demand for peak generation.

Hydrogasification Technical-Commercial Review

Arche Energy undertook a review of a novel hydro-gasification technology on behalf of a potential investor (prior to pilot plant stage). The scope of work included a review of the workability of the technology and an assessment of its suitability for future commercial development.

The study included the identification of the highest and best use of a range of hydrogen, hydrocarbon and carbon products that could be manufactured from the feedstock.

The study included identification of risks and issues associated with the commercial deployment of the technology and the execution of the pilot plant study.

Blue Hydrogen and Ammonia Concept Study

Arche Energy developed a concept for the production and export of blue hydrogen and ammonia from a major Queensland coal project.

The scope of work included process sizing, performance estimates, capital and operating cost estimates and a trade off of export as hydrogen against export as ammonia.

The scope also included calculation of carbon sequestration requirements and identification of potential sequestration sites and an estimate of the cost of hydrogen and ammonia production.

Remote Hydrogen and Water Project Technical Review

Arche Energy was engaged to provide a pre-investment technical review on a novel hydrogen and water production project in a remote Northern Territory location.

Arche Energy validated production performance estimates (for both water and hydrogen production), estimated project resilience to drought and undertook a review of the technical parameters including the hydrogen's suitability for end use.

Renewable Hydrogen Funding Round - ARENA Grant Application

Arche Energy was engaged to support an ARENA grant application under the Renewable Hydrogen Funding round.

Arche Energy provided technical-commercial support to develop a workable solution including concept validation, assistance with siting, defining interfaces and end use. Arche Energy assisted drafting the application and providing supporting information.