Leigh Creek Energy Small-Scale Commercial Pre-Feasibility Study

Arche Energy was engaged by Leigh Creek Energy to undertake a pre-feasibility study for the small-scale commercial project.

The project involves the monetisation of low grade syn-gas produced through an in-situ gasification process of down dip coal in a remote region of South Australia.

The project required efficient repurposing of existing transmission assets and the selection of suitable generation technology.

Arche Energy's scope of work:

  1. Optimisation of the concept, sizing and performance expectations for the power island,
  2. Selection of preferred equipment through a global EoI process and whole of life costing assessment,
  3. Optimisation of the network connection through asset repurposing,
  4. Development of the project plan and schedule,
  5. Development of the technical due diligence plan for equipment vendors,
  6. Drafting of the EPC specification for the project,
  7. Development of the regulatory workplan encompassing network connection, AEMO registration, ESCOSA and Office of the Technical Regulator requirements,
  8. Management of the network connection application process.

Additionally, Arche Energy undertook a number of confidential strategic concept studies to identify opportunities for transmission investment on the NEM.