Balancing capex, reliability and sustainability

Arche Energy regularly undertakes mine power supply studies in order to optimise the cost of production and carbon footprint of remote and 'near to grid' mines.

Balancing the capital cost of transmission against the operational costs of on-site generation with an overlay of local renewable resources means that every mine is different. Challenges include the integration of intermittent renewables without impacting mine production, maintaining adequate spinning reserve and maintaining affordable capital costs.

Mount Dore Copper Project

Arche Energy teamed with Oakley Greenwood to provide a concept power supply arrangement for the proposed Mount Dore Copper Project in Queensland's remote North West Minerals Provence. The concept was then developed into a tender specification and the combined team managed a tender process for the delivery of the combined generation and transmission project.

Woolgar Gold Project

Arche Energy was engaged by Strategic Minerals to develop a mine power generation concept for the proposed Woolgar Gold Project. The assignment included the identification of alternative power supply options including renewables, pumped storage hydro, battery storage, gas by virtual pipeline and transmission connections.

Balancing capex, reliability and sustainability

Additionally, Andrew Murdoch has led a number of power supply studies for mines and remote power supply grids including:

  1. Power and energy supply studies for Carmichael Mine,
  2. Use of CNG and LNG for mine haul and rail at Carmichael,
  3. Power supply for Tampakan Mine,
  4. Review of the Ramu Grid (PNG),
  5. Power supply for Wandoan Mine.