Exhausted Mine PHES Conversion Study

Arche Energy completed a confidential concept study to convert an exhausted open pit coal mine into a pumped hydro energy storage system.

The Scope of the study included developing resource estimates, concept designs, connection concepts, capital and operating cost estimates and assessing the project's competitiveness against other similar projects.

The project was extended to develop a concept for the integration of 'behind the meters' solar and wind farms.

90% Base Load Renewable Energy System

Arche Energy prepared a concept study and estimate for the construction of a 90% renewable baseload system that included solar, wind, pumped hydro and a gas turbine for a confidential client.

The concept would allow the replication of the services provided by a conventional thermal plant through a system that utilises 90% renewable power.

The concept study included determination of the land use for the wind and solar farms, estimation of the pumped hydro reservoir capacity required and an estimation of the system's levelised cost of electricity (LCOE).

Pumped Hydro Energy Storage Project Review

Arche Energy reviewed a confidential pumped hydro energy storage project concept and provided strategy advice to progress the development of the project.

The project review identified high risk issues and set out a strategy for the rapid de-risking of the project prior to the developers seeking further funding.

The review encompassed all aspects of the development, including the project's strengths and the hurdles that the project will face through the development phase.

The review considered the network connection and its strength, the hydraulic resource, approvals constraints, land use and ownership and the relative competitiveness of the project in the market.

Review of the Ramu Grid

In a previous role, Andrew Murdoch was engaged to provide a review of Papua New Guinea's  Ramu Grid.

The bulk of the power supplied to the Ramu Grid is generated by the Ramu Hydro-Electric Plant in the Highlands.

The review included assessment of the existing plant, recommendations for upgrades and the incorporation of new capacity into the system.