New England Link

Arche Energy established New England Link as a development project.

Arche Energy has completed the concept study, initial corridor selection, project configuration, capital estimates, market sounding and the development plan (budget, schedule and resourcing plan) for the project.

New England Link is a proposed 360 km, 330 kV twin circuit transmission project that will provide firm transmission capacity to renewable energy generators in the New England, Granite Belt and Darling Downs regions of New South Wales and Queensland.

Arche Energy has developed an innovative technical-commercial model that will allow New England Link's customers to dispatch into either the Queensland or NSW NEM Zones and will provide firm capacity to a strong point in either NEM Zone.

CopperString 2.0

Arche Energy provided Andrew Murdoch on a flexible secondment basis to act as the Technical Director for the first twelve months of the development phase of the project.

During this period Andrew established the functional requirements for the project, developed the project concept, led the corridor selection process, developed the technical configuration, outlined the interface and technical-regulatory requirements and established technical relationships with clients.

Andrew undertook market sounding for the construction of the project and drafted the contracting, execution and logistics strategy for the project.

Andrew also provided stakeholder relations services, managing the relationship with each of the seven local councils and the MITEZ group.

Lockyer Energy Project Network Connection

Arche Energy is managing the network connection process for the Lockyer Energy Project.

The project is sized to makes use of the existing 110 kV feeders adjacent to the site and will be connected in an innovative manner so as to maximise the transfer capacity of the existing network and avoid upgrades.

The connection will also defer upgrades to the regulated network by embedding dispatchable peaking generation within the distribution system.

Transmission Investment Opportunities Study

Arche Energy undertook a study to identify opportunities for investment in major transmission projects in and around Australia.

During the project Arche Energy identified a number of potential project concepts including inter-NEM Zone interconnectors, an east coast to west coast interconnector and interconnectors to Indonesia and Papua New Guinea.

During the project Arche Energy provided concept level capital and operating cost estimates and ranked the projects on the basis of potential profitability, complexity and risk.

Condamine Power Project

As the Owner's Engineer Project Manager, Andrew Murdoch was responsible for the successful connection and R2 testing of the Condamine Power Project. During the project, the team successfully defined the interfaces between the power project and the NSP's system, set out the control and communication requirements, supervised the EPC contractor in constructing the plant and managed the R2 testing and related complications.

Data Centre Connection Studies

Arche Energy undertook an options study to develop a range of concepts to provide secure power to a series of proposed data centres.

The study required an in depth analysis of the relevant annual planning report, analysis of the local geography and land use in a rapidly changing region of Australia.

Arche Energy provided a range of options, including some innovative concepts that made use of the changing infrastructure requirements of the community.

Galilee Transmission Connection Pre-Feasibility

Arche Energy is advising a client in relation to the establishment of a major transmission connection in the Galilee Basin that will support economic growth and clean energy projects.

The connection will require multiple connection points to the regulated network and to generation project and will act as a regional hub from which other projects can grow.

Arche Energy managed the corridor selection process and prepared a pre-feasibility report for the client.

Rugby Run Solar Farm Connection

Prior to founding Arche Energy, Andrew Murdoch was the GM responsible for the development of the Rugby Run Solar Farm. During this period, Andrew led the network connection process and managed the connection studies. Phase One of the project was sized to match the capacity of existing, semi-redundant, infrastructure that was able to be repurposed to transfer renewable power.

Leigh Creek Energy Project

As part of a broader scope of work, Arche Energy managed the connection study process with ElectraNet to develop the network connection concept for the Leigh Creek Energy Small Scale Commercial Project. The assignment included the preliminary connection studies and a physical line survey of the existing Leigh Creek Mine power infrastructure to confirm its suitability for re-purposing for the generating plant.

Braemar Power Project Network Connection

During the Braemar Power Project, as owner's project manager, Andrew was responsible for the transmission connection to the NSP's system. During the project, Andrew managed the interfaces between the EPC Contractor and the NSP, coordinated the schedule and managed the issues related to R2 testing and final AEMO registration.