Clean energy and Power Consulting

Arche Energy provides strategic energy consulting and development services in clean energy and power generation.

Key services include project concepts studies, siting studies, project delivery and procurement studies, feasibility studies and value engineering studies.

Andrew was the former head of Adani's Renewable Energy business in Australia and managed the development of the business from a thought bubble through to the late development stage of its first two solar farms.

Andrew Murdoch has led a significant number of strategic energy studies including:

  1. Assessment of Queensland and South Australia to identify suitable sites for large scale solar development, ultimately leading to the development of the Rugby Run Solar Farm and the Whyalla Solar Farm
  2. Assessment of South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales for suitable sites for open cycle gas turbine projects
  3. Assessment of Queensland for suitable sites for Combined Cycle Gas Turbine sites
  4. Due diligence and acquisition support for major power generating assets (typically leading the buy side team) and power businesses including wind, solar, gas and thermal plant (or fleet of plant)
  5. Mine site power supply optimisation for a number of off grid mine supplies, including heavy renewables penetration options

Build the right Plant, in the right spot

The maximum rate of value creation occurs in the concept phase of the project.

Arche Energy understands how to rapidly assess the grid, environmental constraints, and technical suitability to identify appropriate sites to maximise the performance of new build power projects. Arche understands constraints of incomparable land use, potential impacts and suitable controls that can be adopted to quickly assess whether a site is suitable.

Arche looks at plant performance, availability of export power transmission capacity, loss factors, access to gas, sunlight or wind and access to water to assess the suitability if the site and the optimal configuration of the plant.

Arche's experience through the full life cycle of a power plant makes concept designs workable and free from 'fatal flaws'.

Make better ACQUISITION decisions

Arche Energy's experience in assessing assets for acquisition and leading due diligence teams will help make better acquisition decisions.

In providing technical acquisition advice, Arche can lead the due diligence team to:

  1. Identify fatal flaws and high risk issues, so that early decisions to proceed can be made,
  2. Assess the plant's performance against the key objectives in making an acquisition decision,
  3. Review detailed information in relation to the asset's performance, condition, maintenance history and asset management history,
  4. In conjunction with an approvals and compliance advisor, advise with respect to the asset's ability to comply with its operating licences and approvals,
  5. Assess Carbon Dioxide emission performance.

An early informed and educated decision helps make better acquisition decisions.