We understand Infrastructure Strategy

Arche Energy understands infrastructure strategy and can guide the development on new build infrastructure. We can help negotiate access to monopoly infrastructure such as power networks, gas pipelines and port infrastructure.

Andrew Murdoch has successfully managed relationships and connection applications with power, gas and port providers and has the persistence, tenacity and experience to optimise your infrastructure access agreements.

Regulated Assess Access

Arche Energy's Andrew Murdoch has significant experience in negotiating access to regulated infrastructure assets such as power and gas transmission systems and shipping channel capacity. Andrew has also managed regulated access protocols through the expansion (and related queuing process) at Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal (WICET).

We take the time to understand the processes and procedures and have the tenacity and patience to work through the relevant access protocols. We understand the physics and the operational nature of the infrastructure and can validate the asset owner's capacity forecasts. We can work with the asset owner to explore options to expand, debottleneck or otherwise generate additional capacity.

Infrastructure for Mines, Port and Heavy industry

Arche Energy's Andrew Murdoch has supported the development of mines, port and heavy infrastructure projects through the execution of infrastructure concept and feasibility studies. Arche can evaluate the optimal means of connecting water, gas, fuel, feed stock, road, rail and port infrastructure to new developments.

Arche can integrate new technologies, such as renewable energy and battery storage into existing or new build projects. Andrew has undertaken a number of power supply studies for heavy industries (such as smelters and refineries) and can source a suite of power supply solutions that will optimise the cost of power supply.

Infrastructure Owners

Arche Energy can:

  1. Provide project development and project management services,
  2. Undertake strategic studies, optimisation studies and debottlenecking studies,
  3. Manage expansion and greenfield feasibility studies,
  4. Provide business and process improvement advice,
  5. Review asset and business management practices.





User Groups

Arche Energy can represent user groups (or potential user groups) in the negotiation of access to infrastructure, or the development of new infrastructure.

Developments such as port, rail and gas infrastructure can be expanded or developed for a group of users, so as to achieve an economy of scale.

Arche Energy can represent groups such as agricultural irrigators in developing regional strategies for water supply and water re-use.

Arche can also represent groups of agricultural producers wishing to use bio-product as fuel into clean energy power facilities or ethanol refineries.

Transmission connections - our Approach

Transmission connection applications are a game of analysis, tenacity and process. Arche will first spend time to understand the network by reviewing the network service provider's (NSP's) planning documentation. Arche then submits a preliminary connection enquiry and establishes a dialogue with the NSP.

As the response is received, it is reviewed and a path forward (be it a detailed enquiry response or an application) is then agreed with the NSP.

Where necessary, Arche brings in specialist electrical engineering support to undertake network modelling.

As the process develops, we explore options for contestable work and alternative delivery methods, to provide the customer with more control over cost and schedule. From July 1 2018, we will work with competing NSPs (for eligible connections) to provide broader scope for competition.

Arche can represent the connection customer as the process proceeds through generator performance standard (GPS) due diligence and system modelling. Importantly in this process, Arche can draw together the complex elements of this process and provide commercially relevant advice to a highly technical process.

As the process concludes, Arche assists the client in closing out the final negotiated connection agreement.