Project Delivery services

Arche Energy can offer the following project delivery services:

  1. Project Director and Project Manager Services
  2. Owner's Engineer and Contract Superintendent Services
  3. Independent or Lenders Engineering Services
  4. Drafting of specifications and leading the negotiation of contracts
  5. Contract Administration
  6. Dispute Management
  7. Project Review
  8. Project Recovery

Arche Energy's Andrew Murdoch was the owner's construction project manager or owner's engineer for the following projects:

  1. Braemar Power Plant (Braemar 1)
  2. Braemar Gas Pipeline Network
  3. Condamine Power Station

Andrew also:

  1. Managed the completion of the dredging and dispute resolution for dredging at Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal
  2. Managed the close out of defects and final acceptance of Swanbank E Combined Cycle Gas Turbine
  3. Was Project Engineer for the Construction of the Callide Power Plant







How we think about project delivery

First and foremost we think about our stakeholders and our impacts. How do we do the job safely? How do we meet our obligations? How do we leave an overall net positive impact on the community?

We plan and evaluate risk. What can go wrong? How are we managing risk? Who is responsible for what (and do they know that they are responsible)?

We collaborate with the contractors so that we can help them build a better project for our clients and let them do what they are good at. We also stick to the contract processes and specifications to keep claims and variations fair and maintain the client's position in the event of a dispute. We walk softly, but carry a big stick.

We believe that the project manager's role is to do everything in their power to complete the project; safely and in compliance with obligations and approvals conditions.

Successful project delivery is about hard work, planning and foresight. It's also immensely rewarding.


Early Contractor Involvement (ECI)

Why use an ECI?

  1. The more work that is done prior to locking in price, the less risk during the execution phase. This means fewer allowances for contingencies and a greater chance of project success.
  2. Collaboration brings out the best in both the contractor and the owner teams. Both parties have good ideas and different experiences; working together brings out the best of both, particularly in projects that require innovative solutions.
  3. The owner's team makes more value decisions. The owner's team better understands the cost of 'gold plating' specifications and can see the bottom line savings in making compromises. Conversely, the owner's team can make better risk decisions by understanding the actual cost and risks of specific configurations and specifications and choose to pay a little more to reduce a specific risk.

How do I know that I am getting a competitive price if competitive tension is lost?

  1. Lock in profitability drivers (such as contractor's margin and contingency) before the ECI agreement is finalised,
  2. Use target prices and profit drivers (such as bonuses) that incentivise lower pricing,
  3. Insist on transparency (open book) with sub-contractor pricing, supplier pricing and self perform estimates,
  4. Benchmark,
  5. Check everything,
  6. Collaborate and work with the contractor's team in their environment, and
  7. Work with contractors who are committed to the process, to transference and your success.

Why do contractors like it?

  1. More early work and collaboration means less delivery risk,
  2. Exclusivity means chance of proceeding to execution is greater,
  3. A better specification is developed ,
  4. Contractor and owner team have a more aligned understanding of project requirements; meaning fewer disputes.