Arche Energy

Andrew Murdoch founded Arche Energy in 2017 to provide a high quality, clean energy, power and infrastructure consultancy to facilitate investment in the clean energy sector.

Arche's mission is to help improve the quality of life for all people through the provision of energy and infrastructure in a manner that drives positive conservation outcomes and economic efficiency. Arche is playing a role in carving Australia's place in a decarbonised economy by helping our clients adapt and grow in the rapidly changing energy and infrastructure markets.

Arche Energy's Values

  1. Truth, accuracy and facts
  2. Social, economic and ecological outcomes
  3. Equality and a fair go
  4. Servant leadership

What Arche Energy will do

  1. We will support economic growth for the betterment of the global community.
  2. We will support the decarbonisation of the economy in an efficient, affordable and effective manner.
  3. We will support the adaptation to climate change through actions that will improve the resilience of the community.
  4. We will advocate for economically and technically effective solutions without political bias and with the benefit of rigorous economic, engineering and ecological assessment.

Our Team

Andrew Murdoch

Managing Director

Peter Bradnam

Director of Project Services


Martin Smith

Principal Consultant

George Mellick

Principal Consultant


Daniel Nieto

Senior Consultant and Petroleum Engineer

Richard Lukianto

Principal Consultant

Sarah Jansen

Principal Consultant - Communications

David Nolan

Principal Consultant - Mining, Rail and Major Studies

Maria Centeno

Electrical Engineer

Andrew Robson

Special Advisor

Walter Hodgins

Senior Consultant - Project Controls