Heavy Industry
Heavy industry is the large-scale production of raw materials, machinery, and goods that typically require substantial infrastructure, machinery, and energy inputs.
Heavy industry can include:
steel manufacturing
chemical production
heavy machinery production
Heavy industry provides essential materials and components required for construction, manufacturing, and infrastructure development.
Why choose Arche Energy

Arche Energy provides services to our clients for gas turbines in various heavy industries, including hydrogen gas turbines.

Our services include:

  • analysing transport options
  • project management
  • technical support
  • scoping
  • key infrastructure stakeholder engagement
  • procurement process support
  • planning activities
  • capital and operating cost estimates
  • logistics plans
  • project controls
  • negotiating early works agreements
  • negotiating connection and access agreements
  • power supply studies
Projects we deliver
Project management for the expansion of the Wiggins Island Export Terminals.
Mine studies for a site estimated to contain 12.8 million tonnes of copper and 15.2 million ounces of gold.
Power supply studies for the Woolgar Gold project, a $200 million mine proposed to be built over 700km2 in North Queensland.
Improvement and re-powering studies for a silver and lead mine in north-west Queensland.
Managing network connections for mines and train loadout.
Studies for proposed rail lines.
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