Gas Turbines and Hydrogen Gas Turbines

Gas turbines convert natural gas and other fuels (such as hydrogen, diesel, aviation fuel or propane) into mechanical energy through a continuous combustion process. Gas turbines can be used for power generation, aircraft propulsion, and industrial applications such as powering compression plant.

They offer:
Quick start-up capabilities
Relatively low emissions compared to some other conventional power generation methods

Unlike regular gas turbines, hydrogen gas turbines are designed to run on hydrogen fuel (or possibly a combination of fuels) instead of fossil fuels. Hydrogen is a clean-burning fuel with water vapor as the only major by-product when burned. This makes it a promising option for businesses looking to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions while maintaining the reliability and efficiency of a regular gas turbine.

Arche Energy helps our clients to use combined cycle gas turbines (CCGT) as highly efficient power generation systems with reduced emissions and open cycle gas turbines (OCGT) to support the large scale adoption of renewables by responding quickly to periods of high demand (or low renewable output).

Our services include:

Project Definition and Optimisation

Owner's Engineering and Project Management


Procurement and Contract Negotiations

Network Connection Applications


Generator Performance Standard (GPS) management


Engineering and Design


Performance and Efficiency Improvements


Concept studies


Asset management and LTSA negotiations


Management of A, B and C Inspections


Network integration and interface management


Grid interconnection

Arche Energy has team members highly specialised in gas turbines with years of experience on national and international projects for major companies.

Why choose Arche Energy

Arche Energy provides services to our clients for gas turbines in various industries, including hydrogen gas turbines.

Our services include:

Projects we deliver
The Lockyer Energy Project (Owner’s Engineer and Project Manager)
Condamine Power Project (Developer, Owner’s Engineer and Owner’s Project Manager)
Braemar Power Project (Owner’s Project Manager)
Uzbekistan SK Ecoplant Peaker
Posco 789 CCPP
Attaqa open cycle
Swanbank E
Swanbank D
Swanbank C
Middle Ridge Gas Turbine
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