Hydrogen and Clean Fuels

Hydrogen has captured the world’s attention as a promising tool for decarbonisation. Today, hydrogen is principally used as a chemical feedstock, with the fertiliser industry being the largest single consumer and the bulk of manufacture being steam reformation of a hydrocarbon feedstock such as natural gas (producing CO2, generally without CCUS).

Clean hydrogen can be produced through electrolysis of water (using a very low carbon power source) or through application of CCUS to a steam reformation plant.

Whilst some hydrogen dreams may never be realised, we see the most promising roles for clean hydrogen in a role producing clean fertilisers, clean chemical feedstocks and in some transport applications.

We see clean hydrogen playing a role in sustainable aviation, but likely through some form of synthetic aviation fuel manufactured from recycled carbon and clean hydrogen rather than direct consumption of hydrogen (largely due to the very low volumetric energy density of hydrogen).

Clean fuels can also include biofuels, synthetic fuels, and renewable natural gas (biogas).

Hydrogen and clean fuels can present many transformative benefits for your business, including:

Meeting Safe Guard obligations and sustainability goals
Reductions in air pollution
Sustainable back up fuels
Diversifying energy sources
Energy security
Why choose Arche Energy

Arche Energy’s team use their diverse skills to develop strategies for our clients to enter the hydrogen market and to utilise other clean fuels.

Some of our services in the hydrogen and clean fuels industry include:

  • Analysing options for hydrogen production and transportation
  • Analysing options for the monetisation of hydrogen
  • Assessments of hydrogen utilisation
  • Biofuel and clean fuel production and sourcing
  • Engineering management and study management
  • Project management
  • Technical support
  • Scoping
  • Key infrastructure stakeholder engagement
  • Procurement process support
  • Planning activities
  • Capital and operating cost estimates
  • Logistics plans
  • Project controls
Projects we deliver
Central Queensland Hydrogen Project
Confidential gas turbine alternative fuels study
Supernode datacentre biofuels sourcing (tender)
Western Sydney Airport Hydrogen Aviation Demand Estimate
Galile Basin Blue Hydrogen Project
Virtual hydrogen pipeline assessments.
Due diligence into a methane pyrolysis process creating turquoise hydrogen and solid graphite from a biogas feedstock.
Techno-economic evaluation for a project to harvest biogas from agricultural waste.
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