Hydrogen and Clean Fuels
Hydrogen is becoming increasingly promising as a clean fuel source for generating electricity. It can be burned in engines or used in fuel cells with water vapour being the only by-product.

Clean fuels can also include biofuels, synthetic fuels, and renewable natural gas. These have reduced greenhouse gas emissions when compared with fossil fuels.

Hydrogen and clean fuels can present many transformative benefits for your business, including:

meeting environmental regulations and sustainability goals
reductions in air pollution
providing grid stability
diversifying energy sources
energy security
Why choose Arche Energy

Arche Energy’s team use their diverse skills to develop strategies for our clients to enter the hydrogen market and to utilise other clean fuels.

Some of our services in the hydrogen and clean fuels industry include:

  • analysing options for hydrogen transportation
  • analysing options for the monetisation of hydrogen
  • assessments of hydrogen pipelines
  • project management
  • technical support
  • scoping
  • key infrastructure stakeholder engagement
  • procurement process support
  • planning activities
  • capital and operating cost estimates
  • logistics plans
  • project controls
  • negotiating early works agreements
  • negotiating connection and access agreements
  • alignment of project’s international consortium pre-MOU agreement
  • estimating electrical demand under a range of scenarios
  • power supply studies
Projects we deliver
Concept development for the production and export of blue hydrogen and ammonia from a major Queensland coal project.
Analysis estimating the range of electrical demand that might be required under a range of future scenarios where aircraft and ground transportation are powered by renewable sources.
Due diligence into a company developing a methane pyrolysis process creating turquoise hydrogen and solid graphite from a biogas feedstock.
Techno-economic evaluation for a project to harvest biogas from agricultural waste.
Virtual hydrogen pipeline assessments.
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