Mine and Remote Power Supply Studies

The goal of a study into supplying power to mines and other remote locations is to determine the best options for power supply infrastructure for each individual project.
The infrastructure must supply reliable, uninterrupted electricity to the project for the best price — initial and ongoing — and the least environmental impact.

A full assessment of a site’s power requirements and infrastructure includes:

Why choose Arche

Arche works with you to provide practical and innovative mine and remote power supply studies for your projects.

We begin with a power demand analysis, which is a thorough evaluation of the power demands of the site and project, during construction as well as operation. For a mine, these demands include extraction, processing, transportation, ventilation, lighting, communication systems, and other ancillary facilities.

Our consultants then do load flow studies of the electrical network’s capability to handle the power demands. This analysis identifies potential bottlenecks, voltage drops, and system stability issues that the increased loads of the project might cause.

Arche then looks into power generation options to determine the most suitable sources for the project. We assess the feasibility of grid connection, consider the availability and reliability of the local power grid, and evaluate the cost implications. We also examine off-grid power generation solutions like renewable energy sources and generators.

The next step is for our engineers to design the power distribution network within the site, determining appropriate voltage levels, selecting equipment, and designing the layout of distribution substations.

For critical operations that operate 24/7, backup power systems are essential. We evaluate the need for emergency generators, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) systems, and energy storage solutions to provide backup power during grid outages or other electrical failures.

The economic viability of the various power supply options is next. Our consultants analyse the capital, operational, and maintenance costs of power generation and distribution alternatives, identifying the most cost-effective solution that meets the project’s power requirements while considering factors like fuel availability, maintenance requirements, and future expansions.

Projects in remote locations usually call for an environmental impact study (EIS). Whether one is needed and what it includes depends on the project’s location and regulations. An EIS helps to identify sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions, such as incorporating renewable energy sources or implementing energy efficiency measures.

Projects we deliver
Concept and prefeasibility studies
Managing projects up to $2 billion
Wiggins Island Expert Terminal
Eagle Downs Metallurgical Coal Project
Braemar Power Project and Gas Network
Design engineering
Managing network connections
Contract negotiation
QGC Land and Tenure
Change management
Renewable energy integration studies
CopperString 2.0
Aurukun Bauxite Project
Negotiating service contracts up to $250 million
Negotiating claims and dispute resolution
Concept studies for proposed mines with stand-alone gas turbine power stations
Expansion of coal wash plants and train loading system modifications
Condamine Power Station and Coolumboola Substation
Recommending power supply options on projects up to $200 million
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