Bio-fuels and bio-gas
Biofuels are renewable energy sources that can be used to replace or supplement fossil fuels in electricity generation, transportation and heating. They are derived from organic materials like plants, agricultural waste, and algae.

Biofuels and biogas reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution which promotes environmental sustainability and can help organisations to meet regulatory requirements.

They also offer economic opportunities and energy security by diversifying fuel sources and decreasing dependence on imported oil.

Common types of biofuels include:
Why choose Arche Energy

Arche Energy has team members well experienced with project managing and advising waste to energy projects worth up to $700 million.

Some of our biofuel and biogas services include:

  • feasibility studies
  • technical due diligence
  • project management
  • project delivery reviews
  • technical advice
  • developing project agreements for risk allocation and commercial outcomes
  • roadmaps to replace natural gas demands
  • estimating energy demands
  • market entry strategies
  • project scoping
  • capital and operating cost estimates
  • procurement process support
  • key infrastructure and stakeholder support
  • marketing and logistics studies
  • planning activities leading up to the prefeasibility stage.
Projects we deliver
Hydrogen and BESS utilisation analysis to estimate electrical demand under a range of diverse future scenarios.
Methane pyrolysis process due diligence.
Techno-commercial analysis of creating turquoise hydrogen and solid graphite from a biogas feedstock.
Biogas feasibility assessment for the production of renewable biogas using cattle manure.
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