Renewable energy consulting solutions

Technical advisory and consulting for renewables covers the specialised services provided by experts to support renewable energy projects.

Arche Energy provides renewable energy consulting solutions across Australia.

Technical advisory and consulting solutions for renewable energy projects

These advisors possess technical knowledge and expertise in renewable energy technologies and systems. They offer guidance, analysis, and recommendations to project developers, investors, governments, and other stakeholders involved in the planning, development, and operation of renewable energy projects.

Below are some key aspects of technical advisory for renewables.

Technical advisory for renewables plays a crucial role in ensuring the successful development, implementation, and operation of renewable energy projects. It helps stakeholders navigate technical complexities, mitigate risks, optimise performance, and ultimately contribute to the growth and sustainability of the renewable energy sector.

Feasibility studies

Technical advisors assess the feasibility of renewable energy projects by conducting comprehensive studies. They evaluate various factors, including resource assessment (solar irradiation, wind speed, etc.), site suitability, grid connection feasibility, technical requirements, and potential risks and challenges.

Research and development

Technical advisors stay updated with the latest advancements in renewable energy technologies and research. They contribute to innovation and knowledge dissemination by conducting research, participating in industry conferences, and collaborating with academic institutions and industry experts.

Regulatory compliance and permitting

Technical advisors assist in navigating the complex regulatory landscape and obtaining necessary permits and approvals for renewable energy projects. They provide guidance on compliance with environmental, safety, and technical regulations, helping project developers meet legal requirements and obtain necessary permits in a timely manner.

Design and engineering support

Technical advisors assist in the design and engineering phases of renewable energy projects. They review project designs, specifications, and technical drawings to ensure compliance with industry standards, regulatory requirements, and best practices. They provide recommendations for optimising system performance, efficiency, and reliability.

Technology evaluation and selection

Technical advisors provide insights into different renewable energy technologies available for a specific project. They assess the suitability and performance of various technologies based on factors such as resource availability, site characteristics, project scale, and economic viability. Their expertise helps project stakeholders make informed decisions regarding technology selection.

Grid integration and interconnection

Technical advisors support the integration of renewable energy projects into the existing electrical grid. They assess grid connection requirements, grid capacity, stability, and interconnection standards. They provide recommendations for grid integration strategies, such as grid reinforcement, energy storage solutions, or demand response mechanisms.

Performance assessment and monitoring

Technical advisors monitor the performance of renewable energy systems throughout their operational life. They analyse data, conduct performance assessments, and identify any deviations from expected performance levels. Based on their findings, they offer recommendations for system optimisation, maintenance, and troubleshooting to maximise energy production and return on investment.

Due diligence and risk assessment

Technical advisors conduct due diligence assessments to evaluate the technical aspects of renewable energy projects for investors and lenders. They assess project documentation, technical specifications, contracts, permits, and other relevant information. They identify potential risks, vulnerabilities, and mitigation measures to ensure that the project is technically sound and financially viable.

Commercial advisory and consulting for renewable energy projects

Financial and legal advisory for renewable energy businesses involves providing specialised services to support the financial and legal aspects of renewable energy projects. 

These advisors possess expertise in renewable energy finance, investment, project structuring, and legal compliance. They assist project developers, investors, lenders, and other stakeholders in navigating the complex financial and legal landscape associated with renewable energy projects. 

Below are key aspects of financial and legal advisory for renewable energy business.

Financial structuring and funding

Advisors assist in structuring the financial aspects of renewable energy projects, including identifying funding sources, evaluating financial feasibility, and developing financial models. They help project developers secure project financing, navigate investment options, and optimise the financial structure to attract investors and lenders.

Investment analysis and due diligence

Financial advisors perform investment analysis and due diligence assessments for renewable energy projects. They evaluate the financial viability, risks, and potential returns associated with investments in renewable energy assets. They assess project documentation, financial projections, regulatory compliance, and contractual agreements to identify potential risks and opportunities.

Financial modeling and valuation

Advisors develop financial models and conduct valuation analyses to assess the economic viability and profitability of renewable energy projects. They analyse revenue streams, operating costs, tax incentives, and financing structures to estimate project cash flows, return on investment, and internal rate of return. These financial models help stakeholders make informed investment decisions.

Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) and Contracts

Financial and legal advisors assist in negotiating and structuring power purchase agreements (PPAs) and other contractual arrangements. They provide guidance on contract terms, pricing mechanisms, risk allocation, and regulatory compliance. They ensure that the agreements protect the interests of both the renewable energy project and the off-takers or purchasers of the generated electricity.

Regulatory compliance and permitting

Advisors help navigate the regulatory framework and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory requirements specific to renewable energy projects. They assist in obtaining permits, licenses, and environmental clearances necessary for project development. They also advise on renewable energy incentive programs, tax credits, and regulatory reporting obligations.

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and project finance

Financial and legal advisors support mergers, acquisitions, and project finance transactions in the renewable energy sector. They conduct due diligence, assess risks, structure transactions, and negotiate terms and conditions. They also assist in securing debt financing, arranging project finance facilities, and managing financial aspects of project acquisitions or divestments.

Risk management and insurance

Advisors help identify and mitigate financial and legal risks associated with renewable energy projects. They assess risks related to project development, construction, operations, and market conditions. They recommend risk management strategies and insurance coverage options to protect project stakeholders from potential financial losses.

Policy and regulatory analysis

Advisors stay updated with the evolving policy and regulatory landscape related to renewable energy. They analyse policy changes, market incentives, and subsidy programs that impact renewable energy projects. They provide insights into the legal and financial implications of policy developments, helping clients adapt their strategies accordingly.

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