Transmission and Renewable Energy Zones
Transmission engineering services refer to a range of specialised services provided by engineering firms or consultants to support the planning, design, construction, and maintenance of electrical transmission systems.

These services are essential for ensuring the efficient and reliable delivery of electricity from power generation sources to distribution networks and end-users. Arche’s focus is on efficient and reliable energy distribution as well as the strategic development of renewable energy generation.

Our thorough review process encompasses resource quality, grid connection risks, approvals risk, construction and operation risks along with technical review of project design. We balance risk with practical solutions and mitigation advice.

Transmission related services can include:

power system planning


transmission line design


substation engineering


grid stability and control


environmental impact assessment


regulatory compliance


transmission line inspection and maintenance


grid integration of renewables


energy storage integration


grid modernisation

These services are critical for maintaining a robust and reliable electrical transmission system that enables efficient transmission of electricity over long distances, and meeting energy demands.
Why choose Arche Energy

Arche Energy is highly experienced in REZ projects and has worked on major transmission and REZ projects with transmission infrastructure worth up to $7 billion.

Some of our transmission and REZ services include:

  • Project delivery reviews
  • Project management
  • Managing the procurement process
  • Project delivery
  • Bringing in multiple generators
  • Selecting generators
  • Stakeholder relationship management
  • Balancing commercial and technical perspectives
  • EOI evaluation criteria
  • Program assessment and validation
  • Coordinating bilateral meetings
  • Responding to technical queries
  • Integrating AEMO connections processes
  • Developing project agreements for risk allocation and commercial outcomes
  • Calculating the REZ generation
  • Managing request for information (RFI) responses
  • Assistance to legal teams
Projects we deliver
Support to Central West Orana (CWO) and New England REZ projects
Technical feasibility study for a proposed high efficiency, low emissions (HELE) power project with CCS in Central Queensland
Ongoing strategic and technical support to project development including supporting application for development approval, environmental authority application, and managing the network connection and transmission line development
Scoping, concept, prefeasibility, and feasibility studies, and Front End Engineering Design (FEED)
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