Agricultural Processing
Agricultural processing transforms raw products into saleable goods like food, textiles and biofuels. To meet consumer demands this process enhances quality, safety and marketability of these goods.
For farmers, food manufacturers, and distributors, agricultural processing offers many benefits including:
extended shelf life
a reduction in spoilage and post gravest losses
removal of contaminants and pathogens
increases in variety and convenience of agricultural products to cater to diverse consumer preferences.
Through these benefits our clients can expect higher profitability, more economic opportunities and contributions to rural development.
Why choose Arche Energy

We use our professional experience as energy consultants to help our clients achieve successful outcomes and provide insights into their projects in the agricultural processing sector.

Some of our agricultural processing services include:

  • balancing commercial and technical perspectives
  • developing project agreements for risk allocation and commercial outcomes
  • project delivery and project delivery reviews
  • project management
  • procurement management
  • stakeholder relationship management
  • program assessment and validation
  • coordinating bilateral meetings
  • managing request for information (RFI) responses
  • assistance to legal teams
  • negotiating EPCM contracts.
Projects we deliver
Due diligence​ into a company developing a methane pyrolysis process creating turquoise hydrogen and solid graphite from a biogas feedstock.
Feasibility assessments into producing renewable biogas from cattle manure.
Prefeasibility studies for bio-hubs from regional organic waste.
Techno-economic evaluation for a biogas from agricultural waste project.
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