Project Development Management

We takes a systematic approach to identify what the client wants to achieve with the project, determining the project scope, allocating resources to deliver the scope, managing all types of risk, and facilitating timely delivery within budget.

A professional project development management team works collaboratively within the project owner’s team, coordinating inputs from the owner’s experts and external technical assessments, often managing the procurement process for the experts that deliver those assessments.

We take an Owner’s Eye to Project Development Management as we manage environmental and development approvals, network connection applications, engineering, procurement and contracting.

Effectively managing the development of a project takes strong leadership and organisational skills, and the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances.

It begins with identifying the project and continues to the strategic planning all of its stages, then through coordinating technical and commercial inputs, and finally executing the project.

Project development management often involves shepherding a project through a series of increasingly detailed studies — concept, prefeasibility, feasibility — and approvals processes to give the project owner staged information and context for how their project is likely to perform.

Each stage requires project management, budgeting and cost control, scheduling and schedule control, technical and commercial reviews, managing multidisciplinary inputs, managing client expectations and communication, knowledge of the legislative context, and managing communication with communities and other stakeholders.

Our process

For project development services, Arche applies our expertise to identify the version of the project that adds the most value over its life. We…









For a pre-feasibility study, Arche produces designs, technical studies, and costing to provide clients with capital, operating and performance estimates so the project owner can commit to the next phase with confidence.

During a feasibility study or front-end engineering design (FEED) phase, we progress the definition of the project to a bankable level, contributing engineering design and assisting in the negotiation of major contracts.

We work with trusted partners to provide approvals and legal services.​

Projects we deliver

Studies determining the prospectivity of large-scale CO2 storage reservoirs

Technical feasibility studies for proposed high efficiency, low emissions (HELE) power projects with carbon capture and storage

Market studies for the uses of solid carbon as a by-product from methane pyrolysis

Studies identifying products that can be made from coal: power, hydrogen, ammonia, diesel, urea and methanol

Prefeasibility study for a large-scale hydrogen, ammonia, and clean fuel production facility that explored sizing, capital and operating cost estimate and performance estimates

Project development services to explore economic viability of a green hydrogen production and liquefaction export project

Hydrogasification technical-commercial review of a novel hydrogasification technology on behalf of a potential investor

Concept studies for production and export of blue hydrogen and ammonia from coal projects

Concept studies for combined solar and battery farms

Pre-development screenings of potential solar farm development sites on behalf of owners and developers

Assessment of a hydrogen virtual pipeline and peaking power plant

Analysis to estimate the range of electrical demand for hydrogen and BESS utilisation

Concept studies to capture, transport and distribute CO2

Hydrogen Market Entry Strategy for Pacific Hydro

Ord River Hydrogen Project — Marketing and Logistics Study

Project development of 65MW Rugby Run Solar Farm in Central Queensland

Energy supply concept study for Mount Dore Copper Project

Power supply concept study for Woolgar Gold Project

Engineering management for Central Queensland Hydrogen Project (CQ‑H2): technical support and scoping, OEM engagement, key infrastructure stakeholder engagement, and procurement and planning support

Approvals management
and negotiations

Arche Energy works with our clients to guide their projects through the layers of legislative requirements to ultimate success. Our input streamlines approvals processes and contract negotiations.

Our consultants manage the entire process and work with you to secure all necessary permits, licences, and clearances from regulatory bodies as well as liaising with other stakeholders so that you can realise your projects’ full investment potential.

Owner’s engineering, studies and specifications

Project owners and investors engage Arche to manage infrastructure and energy projects throughout their entire lifecycles.

Our consultants support you with expert advice on engineering, planning, finance, cost control, scheduling, commercial reviews, managing teams and consultants, managing client expectations and communication, knowledge of the legislative context, and managing communications with communities and other stakeholders.

Contract negotiations and equipment procurement

We support project owners from expression of interest through contract execution, manufacture, final inspection and delivery.

At the right point in project development, Arche Energy begins the process of procuring the complex equipment and services needed for the project’s success.

With thorough planning and their knowledge of and experience with industry standards, Arche’s consultants identify relevant equipment options available on the market. We then analyse and assess those options against project-specific criteria then make selections that best fit the project and the client’s goals.

Our consultants write scopes for technical specifications and procurement packaging, conduct technical and commercial tender reviews, and make recommendations to project owners for which suppliers to engage.

Network connections

From the initial contact with network service providers (NSPs) onwards, Arche Energy manages network connection processes for major infrastructure projects.

Connecting a project to Australia’s National Electricity Market (NEM) is a complex, many layered process that involves several stakeholders: various levels of government, any affected landowners, the NSP and AEMO.

During the pre-feasibility stage, Arche’s consultants assess factors like a project’s location, size, network constraints, infrastructure requirements, loss factors, and whether it affects or is affected by other projects.

We work with you to define the project’s connection requirements, be a point of contact with the NSP and AEMO, provide you with relevant information to make decisions for your project, and prepare an official connection enquiry to the NSP.

The NSP then assesses the enquiry and provides guidance and information so we can prepare the project’s connection application. Arche Energy works with you on the application, which has to include performance standards, a description of the proposed installation, computer modelling of the project, and other supporting information.

We continue on as the point of contact for the NSP and AEMO and keep them apprised of any changes to the project’s proposed plant, performance standards, network, committed projects or requirements under the National Electricity Rules.

To complete the network connection, Arche works with the project owner, NSP and AEMO to finalise market registration, complete commissioning test procedures and provide the necessary performance data.

Our experience in network connections includes managing connection processes for mine and train loadout operations, managing the connection up to 257kV and the successful completion of GPS monitoring on major energy projects.

Site early works and compliance

Conscientious early works mitigates potential risks and challenges that may arise during the project lifecycle. Arche Energy provides early works and compliance services that position a project to transition smoothly into its construction phase.

Our people ensure that your project complies with local regulations and safety standards to create a secure work environment.

Early works
we can manage

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