The Lockyer Energy Project

Arche Energy is engaged as the Lead Developer on the Lockyer Energy Project, an aero-derivative gas turbine project connected to the NEM. The scope of work includes:

  1. Acquisition of approvals, including EPBC, operational works, offset agreements, infrastructure agreements and Generation Authority,
  2. Cultural heritage survey and due diligence,
  3. Network connection enquiry, detailed enquiry and application process,
  4. Equipment selection and optimisation,
  5. Capital estimate and operating estimate,
  6. Revenue modelling,
  7. Geotechnical survey,
  8. Execution of an ECI program to optimise price, configuration and performance,
  9. Negotiation of the EPC contract,
  10. Concept development of a line pack storage facility,
  11. Development of the offset management plan and the stakeholder engagement plan.

Rugby Run Solar Farm

In a previous role, Arche Energy's Andrew Murdoch led a major multi-national's Australian renewable energy team in the development of the Rugby Run Solar Farm.

Under Andrew's leadership the team:

  1. Identified the site for the solar farm,
  2. Negotiated the land agreement and managed the conversion to freehold and reconfiguration of the lot,
  3. Undertook the cultural heritage site survey,
  4. Undertook the geotechnical survey,
  5. Undertook the ecology survey,
  6. Prepared and submitted the development application,
  7. Completed the network connection enquiry and commenced the network connection application,
  8. Negotiated an ECI process for the design and construction of the plant,
  9. Commenced a process that led to the signing of the PPA off take from the project.

Leigh Creek Energy Project

Arche Energy was engaged by Leigh Creek Energy to undertake a pre-feasibility study for the small-scale commercial project.

The project involves the monetisation of low grade syn-gas produced through an in-situ gasification process of down dip coal in a remote region of South Australia.

Whyalla Solar Farm

As Head of the renewables team in Australia for a multi-national company, Andrew led the development of the Whyalla Solar Farm.

Under Andrew's leadership the team:

  1. Identified the site for the solar farm,
  2. Negotiated land access through the Whyalla City Council process,
  3. Managed relations and held forums with Council, State Members and the broader community,
  4. Undertook the cultural heritage survey,
  5. Undertook the geotechnical survey,
  6. Undertook the ecology survey,
  7. Prepared and submitted the application for Major Development Approval through the South Australian system,
  8. Completed the network connection enquiry and commenced the detailed enquiry response.

Condamine Power Project

In a previous role, Andrew was the owner's project manager for the construction of the Condamine Power Project. Condamine is a combined cycle gas turbine power plant, located near Miles in Southern Queensland.

Condamine pioneered the use of coal seam methane waste water in evaporative cooling towers and heat recovery steam generators (HRSGs) in Australia.

Andrew, and his team, provided the client with a full service Owner's Engineer Service including design review, manufacturing quality surveillance, construction inspections, commissioning inspections, performance test supervision, contract administration and contract superintendent services and coordination of interfaces.

Wiggins Island Coal ExporT Terminal

Andrew was the Expansion Project Manager for Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal (WICET) and managed the feasibility and approvals for the $2.5B expansions (WEXP1 and WEXP2). In this role, Andrew lead a team of thirty engineers in the execution of the technical feasibility study and the completion of the Coordinator General's Change Report (EIS process).

Andrew also managed a complex, offshore and onshore geotechnical campaign, managed the close out of the Stage 1 dredging (including completion of work, remediation and dispute resolution) and coordinated channel expansion simulations and modelling.

Braemar Power Project and Gas Pipelines

Andrew was ERM's Project Manager for the construction of the 450 MW Braemar Power Project. During this project, Andrew was responsible for the EPC contract governing construction of the power plant, the construction of two 450mm 15MPA gas pipelines and compressor station and the transmission network connection.

Acquisitions and Due Diligence

Arche Energy's Andrew Murdoch has led due diligence and acquisition assessment teams for the following assets (or groups of assets) on behalf of confidential clients or previous employers:

  1. The potential acquisition of a development phase hybrid wind and solar farm in South Australia,
  2. The potential acquisition of the Stockyard Hill Wind farm,
  3. The potential acquisition of several solar farms in their development phase,
  4. The potential acquisition of a electricity retailer,
  5. The potential acquisition of the Babcock and Brown power assets,
  6. The potential acquisition of the Transfield Infrastructure Fund power assets.

Andrew was also the Independent Engineer, representing the financiers, for the construction of the Newman Power Plant Expansion (Trent 60 Unit).

Mine and remote power supply Studies

Andrew Murdoch has led a number of power supply studies for mines and remote power supply grids including:

  1. Mount Dore Copper Project Power,
  2. Woolgar Gold Project,
  3. Power and energy supply studies for Carmichael Mine,
  4. Use of CNG and LNG for mine haul and rail at Carmichael,
  5. Power supply for Tampakan Mine,
  6. Review of the Ramu Grid (PNG),
  7. Power supply for Wandoan Mine.

Other projects

Arche Energy's Andrew Murdoch has led or contributed to the following projects for past employers:

  1. Confidential ultra-supercritical plant (high efficiency low emissions) studies
  2. Swanbank E defects liability and contract close out
  3. Callide Power Project
  4. Swanbank A remaining life and life extension studies
  5. Papermill co-generation study
  6. Barge mounted power concept study
  7. Various gas turbine and solar farm siting studies

Moray Power Project

Andrew led the team that developed the Moray Power Project, a circulated fluidised bed based project intended to power the Carmichael Mine from overburden coal.

The project involved the execution of a collaborative early contractor involvement (ECI) program and the acquisition of approvals, including EPBC and MCU.