Pre-feasibility study for the Galilee Clean Coal Project
Pre-Feasibility Study
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Pre-feasibility study for the Galilee Clean Coal Project

Arche Energy conducted a pre-feasibility study (PFS) for the Galilee Clean Coal Project including a PFS design of an ultra-supercritical power station with carbon capture and compression.

This process involved a thorough assessment of suitable technologies and a vendor and technology review. Arche Energy also developed an economic assessment to estimate the cost of capture and compression while providing a comparison to baseload equivalent renewables.

Economic assessments can help businesses make informed decisions by providing clear insight into a project’s economic potential and net benefit to society.

What is ultra-supercritical?

An ultra-supercritical power station is one that operates at extremely high temperatures and pressures, typically above the critical point of water: 374°C and 22.1MPa.

In these conditions, power generation is more efficient and has lower emissions than traditional coal-fired power plants.

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