Datacentres are specialised facilities designed to house and manage large amounts of computer servers, networking equipment, and data storage systems. They are the backbone of modern digital infrastructure and support various online services and communication networks in a wide range of industries.

 The bulk of the power used by the servers generates heat, which needs to be removed from the datacentre. Datacentres require high levels of reliability (multiple network connections and multiple on-site generators).

Some datacentre clients also require 100% renewable energy generated at the time of consumption. This presents an interesting challenge requiring renewable generation, energy storage and renewable back up fuels.

Arche’s datacentre clients provide their customers with:

A centralised location to store and process large amounts of data
Enabling applications, host websites and data-intensive tasks to run
Scalability of resources
Data centres are supporting the digital economy and enabling our clients to focus on their core operations without the burden of managing complex information technology infrastructure.
Why choose Arche Energy

Our team includes project managers, engineering managers, project controllers, datacentre specialist project managers, and health and safety managers.

Our services in the data centre sector include:

  • Project management
  • Network connections
  • Power supply strategies
  • Electrical engineering
  • Managing procurement
  • Siting studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Project scoping
  • Capital and operating cost estimates.
Projects we deliver
Supernode datacentre network connection
Supernode datacentre renewable back up fuel supply
Cape Byron datacentre project engineering and electrical connection
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