Network Connections

Australia’s National Energy Market (NEM) is a complex system that facilitates the buying and selling of electricity across Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, the ACT and Jervis Bay Territory.

The NEM connects generators, transmission network service providers, distribution network service providers, retailers, and end users.

While network connection processes vary from project to project, the process to connect an energy project to the NEM generally involves:


Defining the project concept, including desktop network connection studies to define and optimise the connection arrangements.


Submitting a connection enquiry to the network service provider (NSP), providing information about the connection requirements.


Execution of preliminary studies including the Detailed Response to Enquiry (DRE), corridor selection studies and feasibility studies as required.


Preparing the Connection Application, including modelling to prepare the Generator Performance Standards (GPS) or Customer Performance Standards (CPS) and system strength impact studies (also known as the R0 or S data).


Assessment of the Connection Application by the NSP, due diligence by AEMO and negotiation of Generator Performance Standards or Customer Performance Standards.


Issue of AEMO's letter of approval (5.4.3A and 5.4.3B letters), issue of an offer to connect from the NSP and final negotiation of the Connection Agreement.


Construction of the project and connecting infrastructure. Submission of design data and updated models (the R1 data).


Commissioning and commissioning tests (the R2 Tests), final approval of the performance standards and submission of the final 'as built model'. Registration of the plant.

Why choose Arche

We bring our clients decades of network connection advisory services, successfully managing network connection processes .

Our consultants work with project owners on:

  • Managing network connections
  • Defining connection requirements
  • Managing preliminary works agreements
  • Managing or completing technical work required to lodge compliant network applications
  • Negotiating connection and access agreements
  • Negotiating DCA, DNA and IUSA works
  • Managing power procurement processes
  • Preparing and lodging connection inquiries
  • Working collaboratively with client teams
  • Defining scopes 
  • Managing any specialist services required
  • Completion of generator performance standard (GPS) modelling
  • Coordinating interfaces, protection and secondary systems

Projects we deliver

Supernode Battery Project
Lockyer Energy Project
Central West Orana Renewable Energy Zone (REZ)
Braemar Power Project
Burton Downs Network Connection
Condamine Power Project
Broadmeadows Transmission Relocation
Alpha Town Reinforcement Study
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