Due Diligence and Independent Engineering

You need fearless advice from physics to dividend from your Independent Engineer and Technical Advisor.

Through the technical due diligence process, we evaluate the technical and commercial aspects of your project, asset, or company to assess its condition, capabilities, and risks and opportunities.

Conducted during investment activities, due diligence provides an independent, objective assessment of the technical feasibility and viability of a project or asset. It provides the information investors, lenders and other stakeholders need to make informed decisions.

Why choose Arche

Arche Energy’s due diligence services facilitate the safe and efficient operations of our clients’ projects.

We advise clients on major investment decisions and ensure they are aware of the potential opportunities and weaknesses of projects and technologies.

Our consultants review engineering design plans, specifications, and technical documentation, including assessing the quality and completeness of the design, ensuring compliance with applicable standards and regulations, and identifying any design limitations.

We review operational data, conduct site inspections, and consult personnel to understand the performance and reliability of existing assets. The physical condition of the assets or infrastructure is also evaluated to identify any potential risks or need for maintenance or upgrades.

Arche’s due diligence process includes assessing your investments for health, safety, and environmental compliance and evaluating the project’s adherence to local, regional, and federal regulations.

We conduct risk assessments on technology, operations, environmental liabilities, regulatory changes, and any other factors that may impact your project’s success. For any risks we identify, we recommend mitigation strategies.

The financial aspects of the project are also assessed to identify potential cost overruns, schedule delays, or other financial risks.

Our due diligence process can also consider the potential for future growth, expansion, or improvements. This evaluation includes assessing the scalability of the project, the availability of resources or infrastructure for expansion, and any technological advancements that may impact the project’s competitiveness or sustainability.

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Glenrowan Solar Farm
Alinta Generation Assets
Hazer Group Preliminary due diligence
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