The Lockyer Energy Project

The Lockyer Energy Project is an advanced, low carbon, aero-derivative gas turbine project located in South East Queensland's Lockyer Valley. The project's role is to provide flexible, fast start and fast ramp firming generation to support the large scale adoption of utility scale solar in Queensland.

Arche Energy is engaged by Quinbrook Infrastructure Partners as the Lead Developer for the Project and is responsible for the completion of the development work required to achieve FID for the project.

Key achievements include:

  1. the acquisition of all approvals required for the project,
  2. optimisation of the equipment and configuration,
  3. the negotiation of the EPC Contract
  4. the agreement of key terms for the underwriting of the project through the Federal Governments Underwriting New Generation Investment Program (UNGI).


Arche Energy's scope of work:

  1. Acquisition of approvals, including EPBC, operational works, offset agreements, infrastructure agreements and Generation Authority,
  2. Cultural heritage survey and due diligence,
  3. Network connection enquiry, detailed enquiry and application process,
  4. Equipment selection and optimisation,
  5. Capital estimates and operating cost estimates,
  6. Revenue modelling,
  7. Geotechnical survey,
  8. Execution of an ECI program to optimise price, configuration and performance,
  9. Negotiation of the EPC contract,
  10. Concept development of a line pack storage facility,
  11. Development of the offset management plan and the stakeholder engagement plan,
  12. Support to the UNGI underwriting application and financing processes.