Meet Abel Quintero: Arche’s Senior Consultant and Presenter for the Energy Transition in Australia and Latin America Event

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Abel Quintero, one of Arche Energy’s Senior Consultants, is presenting at the Energy Transition in Australia and Latin America event at QUT Gardens Point on 15 June 2023.

Abel will share his expertise as a civil engineer specialising in hydraulic engineering and over 10 years of work on renewable energy projects including developing hydropower plants, wind farms, and solar farms.

His interests extend well beyond renewable energy as he recently delivered extensive research into potential hydrogen projects and the future of charging infrastructure for electric vehicles.

He also generates and maintains professional relationships between Australia and Latin America. 

What to expect from Abel’s presentation

At the event Abel will be providing a rigorous discussion on the operating environments for professionals and companies in Latin America and Australia.

“I will be discussing the similarities, differences and opportunities for young professionals and companies in Latin America and Australia.” 

Abel will also use his personal experience to share how other young professionals can take advantage of their experience in Latin America in other country’s markets.

“Young Latin American professionals may feel intimidated by working here in Australia — it’s a big change to move countries. But living in a different region offers a different perspective when facing new challenges, which is an advantage.”

Abel states that Latin Americans can provide a new perspective to Australian companies that will give them a competitive edge.

“Latin American countries have overcome some energy challenges that Australia has not faced yet. We can bring our values to companies in Australia by applying our experience from Latin America and opening opportunities for companies. Young Latin American professionals provide a unique advantage.”

An opportunity for Australia and Latin America to work together

The energy transition is a global challenge that requires places like Australia and Latin America that have extensive natural resources to work together creating advancements in energy generation and storage.

Latin America has advanced developments in renewable energies that can support Australia in the energy transition while Australia has advanced use of battery storage systems.

“Opportunities for transferring knowledge between professionals and companies located in Latin America or Australia is something that cannot be ignored.” 

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