Galilee Basin Carbon Storage Prospectivity Study
Carbon and Energy Reduction Review
Carbon Capture and Storage

Galilee Basin Carbon Storage Prospectivity Study

Arche Energy completed a prospectivity study for a major carbon storage reservoir in Queensland’s Galilee Resources Basin. Our team delivered:

  • identification of a potential sandstone formation required to sequester the required volume of CO2
  • concept-level injection field design
  • concept-level CO2 transmission pipeline design
  • economic assessment to estimate the cost of storage.

The Galilee Basin, which forms part of the Lake Eyre Basin, is an undeveloped resources basin with great potential as it is one of the world’s largest known coal deposits.

The Galilee Basin covers a total area of 247,000km2  and is 200km west of the Bowen Basin.

The basin’s gas reserves are currently being explored and several large greenfield thermal coal projects are in various stages of development.

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