Clean Energy and Power consulting

Arche Energy provides strategic energy consulting and development services in clean energy and power generation.

Key services include project concepts studies, siting studies, project delivery and procurement studies, feasibility studies and value engineering studies.

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Project Development and Project Delivery

Arche Energy is experienced in the development and delivery of major projects including solar farms, power plant, gas pipelines, ports and other major infrastructure.

Andrew Murdoch has led major ($2.5Bn) infrastructure feasibility and approvals projects and has also led the construction of major power and gas projects.

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Infrastructure Strategy Consulting

Arche Energy understands infrastructure strategy and can guide the development on new build infrastructure and help negotiate access to monopoly infrastructure such as power networks, gas pipelines and port infrastructure.

Andrew Murdoch has successfully managed relationships and connection applications with power, gas and port providers and has the persistence, tenacity and experience to optimise your infrastructure access agreements.

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Experience Counts

Arche Energy’s Andrew Murdoch is an experienced power and infrastructure senior manager, engineer and project director.

With over twenty years’ experience in power, infrastructure and clean energy and the delivery of several major infrastructure projects and approvals, Andrew has the experience to deliver.


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